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Jones, Stu
Feb 26 11:32 AM EST
Post #12
commenputer up this week thanks for previous tournament selections
LeBoeuf, George
Jun 03 1:48 PM EDT
Post #11
The Memorial this week is a major just as was The Players. I had Jon Rahm @ Sawgrass & he was -4 after R2 & T4 or so. He plays to 84 in R3 & is drinking cocktails on Sunday, watching the finish on the flat screen. I note for this week's MoB major, 6 of my fellow players have also been "Rahm'd"!
LeBoeuf, George
Mar 16 2:07 PM EDT
Post #10
I just love it when my alternate pick goes low but my primary pick shows up. Really makes my day.
LeBoeuf, George
Mar 10 4:24 PM EST
Post #9
I picked the wrong Canadian this week.
LeBoeuf, George
Feb 24 1:24 PM EST
Post #8
Hamburger, formerly known as Daniel Berger missed the cut today. Good playing jackass!
Hohlen, John
Jan 24 4:37 PM EST
Post #7
George - I see you don't have a prize for the majors this year. Like prior years. Did you want turned off?
LeBoeuf, George
Jan 24 7:10 AM EST
Post #6
Gentlemen, The past two weeks have resulted in solo winners of the weekly prize. Unusual. Congrats to Randy & Butch. Michigan Still Sucks.
LeBoeuf, George
Jan 09 7:54 AM EST
Post #5
Switching my remote between NFL playoff games and the gorgeous setting of the golf tourney made for quite a contrast. I pick golf. Pretty amazing. 14 players had Matz in week 1. BTW - Michigan still sucks.
LeBoeuf, George
Jan 05 8:55 AM EST
Post #4
I have turned on weekly notification of the Clubhouse Msg Board on for all players with a 2017 team. I can change this back if you object, & if so, apologies. I just wanted to see if anyone liked it. With this post I am initiating 2017 smack talk. "Michigan Still Sucks!"
Moore, Butch
Mar 05 2:30 PM EST
Post #3
Hey Markiewicz...who the hell is Lahari!! You can't pick people we have never heard of
Leboeuf, George
Feb 15 11:42 AM EST
Post #2
Na baby Na for Tits & Dirty Fagina! Nice pick.
Moore, Butch "golden bear"
Jan 26 9:09 AM EST
Post #1
Good Luck to everyone...yeah right.